Creating a Fenix Web Server

There are several ways to create web servers, including visually, remotely, via API, and via the command line.

Creating Servers Visually

There are a few ways to create servers visually. The big "Create a webserver" button launches a directory picker. Once a directory is selected to be the web root, the server is created and automatically started.

Main Button

Found in the lower left corner of the screen:

The same process can be triggered through the Fenix menu ("Application" menu on Windows).

Drag 'n' Drop

It's also possible to drag and drop a folder from Finder or Windows Explorer directly into the web server panel of Fenix to create a new server.

It's also possible to drag and drop a folder onto the tray icon to create a server.

Example on macOS (Works on Windows too):

Creating Servers via Hotkeys

When Fenix is in focus, pressing CMD+N (macOS) or CTRL+N (Windows) will trigger a new server window.


Fenix ships with a native command line utility, allowing developers to fire up new servers with a few keystrokes. For more granular control, Fenix also has a native web API capable of creating, removing, and modifying servers. Finally, Fenix has a remote import system capable of downloading entire web sites from sites like Github, BitBucket, CodePen, and custom sources.

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