Sharing Web Servers

Fenix provides "push button" sharing, which allows remote users to securely access a local web server over the internet. Many developers use this to collaborate with others on their work-in-progress, receive feedback from clients/colleagues, host temporary presentations, or even act as a temporary file download server.

Seriously... just push a button:

Unshared Shared

In the illustration above, clicking the "share" button generates a secure (HTTPS) URL: This URL is accessible on the public internet as long as sharing is enabled. Browsing this URL renders the contents of the server.

When sharing is no longer necessary, click the same "share" button to stop sharing. Browsing to the same URL will now display an error since the server is no longer shared.

The core (free) edition of Fenix uses the publicly available and free service called does not maintain or warrant this platform.

PRO and TEAM editions of Fenix have additional sharing features, including the possibility of a dedicated sharing server.

Other Ways to Share

In addition to "push-button" sharing, servers can also be shared through the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the API.

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