Updating Fenix

To update Fenix, simply restart it if an update is available.

Fenix is self-updating, meaning it automatically checks for updates and applies them in the background while Fenix is running. A notification is triggered whenever an update is available.

Fenix checks for updates when it starts, and again every 6 hours. Manually checking for updates can be done from the main menu. The menu may show a "Downloading update" notice (shown below), in which case Fenix is already retrieving the latest update.

If no new updates are available, nothing will happen. Most users won't need to do anything special to receive updates.

Are Automatic Updates Safe?


Fenix Web Server is produced by the Author.io team at Ecor Ventures LLC, who put every effort into releasing safe, secure, and quality software. The team members rank among Github's top 1% of worldwide developers, includes members of the Node Foundation, and are responsible for hundreds of trusted apps in the App Stores. The company is an approved vendor of both Apple and Microsoft. All Fenix installers and updates are code-signed using certificates approved by these organizations. Fenix earned Microsoft support when it reached 40,000 trusted downloads on the Windows platform.

Author.io hosts a dedicated secure update service, which received A+ ratings (highest possible) from Qualsys for SSL encryption. All updates are encrypted, end-to-end, even in Fenix Core (free) edition.

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