New in Fenix 3

Fenix 3 has several new features, and several upgraded features since Fenix 2. This is not a complete list, but it highlights major differences from Fenix 2.

UPDATED Web Servers

Web servers have several new realtime features, such as code rendering, minification, ETag support, CORS, and compression. PRO editions have additional features, such as SSL support. The new "toggle" options allow developers to turn these features on and off in realtime.

A new port management system automates port assignment in realtime. We also released a tool called porthog, capable of detecting and resolving port conflicts. Porthog is embedded in Fenix.

The logging system is now capable of writing to disk. Ephemeral logging is capped at 500 events.

There are now context menus (right-click) for just about everything.


The core edition of Fenix 3 ships with the same free public sharing service. In Fenix 2, custom URL's were generated, resulting in ugly links like In Fenix 3, the server title is used, if the name is available. For example:

Sometimes the localtunnel service disconnects or is unavailable under heavy usage. Fenix 3 attempts to automatically reconnect dropped connections. If the service cannot be reached, a desktop notification will alert users of the outage.

UPDATED Interface & Theme

Fenix 3 ships with a brand new multi-screen interface, as well as a light (default) and dark theme.

UPDATED Command Line Interface (CLI)

Fenix 2 required users to download a separate command line utility (fenix-cli). This has been deprecated and should be removed after migrating to Fenix 3. Fenix 3 ships with a native command line utility that does not require a separate installation.


Fenix 2 had an API, but the documentation was difficult to find. Fenix 3 has a new API. Details are available in the new API documentation.

NEW Global Preferences

A brand new preferences screen enables developers to set default settings for all web servers. This includes default configurations, code rendering settings, and security settings.

NEW Remote Imports

This is a free service, capable of visually importing web code directly into Fenix from popular services like Github, BitBucket, Codepen, and others. Details are available in the Remote Imports section.

DEPRECATED Webhook Receiver

The webhook receiver, capable of receiving HTTP requests from webhooks, has been removed in Fenix 3. This was a powerful tool we use extensively in our own development. However; it focuses on different aspects of development than the rest of Fenix Web Server. Instead of making it a "side" item in Fenix, we've decided to create an entire standalone product to replace it, tentatively called "Inbound" (name subject to change).

ANNOUNCING Multiple Editions

Fenix 3 will remain free, known as the "Core" edition. This will remain free and open source under a GPL 2 license (same as Fenix 2). We are actively working on PRO, PRO+, and TEAM editions. We've completed SSL support for all local domains, multi-directory web roots, & custom headers. We have many more features in the pipeline, as well as completely new collaboration features for teams. More will be announced as it's ready, through the blog.

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